Zim Support for COM Objects

Zim supports ActiveX controls, including COM objects and interfaces.

In order to access an external object, you must create it, invoke its methods, and then get or set its properties. These operations are performed by means of the functions $ObjCreate, $ObjDestroy, $ObjErrCode, $ObjErrDescription, $ObjErrHelpFile, $ObjErrObjectType, $ObjErrParameter, $ObjEventName, $ObjEventParameter, $ObjException, $ObjGetEvent, $ObjGetProperty, $ObjRunMethod, $ObjSetProperty and $ObjStatus. Please, refer to the documentation of these functions as well the ActiveX Examples in Zim for practical uses of COM objects in Zim programming.

Some external objects enable you to create sub-components. Zim enables component objects and sub-components of the component objects to be created. Zim keeps track of how many variables are accessing components and their sub-components. When a variable is assigned a new component or sub-component, Zim increments the access count on the component that the variable had previously accessed. When the access count of a top-level component is reduced to zero, the top-level component is destroyed.