Adding Toolbars and Status Bars to the Application Designer

For those applications generated with Zim version 5.6 or earlier, Zim developers can add these new features to existing generated components manually (i.e. using the screen painter), or use the Application Designer to generate them by deleting the appropriate objects.

Note: Make changes manually if you have made extensive changes to menus or windows.

To add new toolbars and status bars using the Application Designer, use the following procedure:


Action Description



Delete all menus.

ZOMDestroy *$HMN, *$SMN


Change the window style.

change all windows \
  where winname like %$HMN' \
  or winname like '%$SMN' \
 let wdgborderstyle = 6


Delete all messages.

delete all formfields \
  where (formname like '%$HFE' \
  or formname like '%$SFE' \
  or formname like '%$HFB' \
  or formname like '%$SFB') \
  and (fieldname = 'messagefield' \
  or fieldname = 'stview' \
  or fieldname = 'ststate')


Regenerate all components using Application Designer.