About the Preparation

You must properly prepare a Zim application to run as a Zim Client-Server application to be executed against a target SQL database. Recall that the Zim application must satisfy the following conditions in order to be convertible:

  1. Zim integer types (" int", " longint", and " vastint") with non-zero decimals must have their length fields defined.
  2. Each EntitySet or data relationship to be managed by an SQL server should have at least one unique index defined on it.
  3. Virtual fields can have only indices if they are concatenated fields.

Assuming that your SQL server and Server Access Module (SAM) are properly installed, the steps involved in converting a Zim application to a Zim Client-Server application are as follows:

  1. Set the SQL DATABASE NAME, if required, in CONFIG.ZIM.
  2. Export the Zim data definitions to the SQL server.
  3. Set " EntType" for those objects targeted for the SQL server to the name of the server access module.
  4. Connect to the SQL server and recompile, if required.
  5. Execute the application.