Used as a part of a set specification to select both matching and non-matching members of an EntitySet, a relationship with fields, a form, a menu, a result set, or a structured application document.


object (COMPLETE)



The name of an EntitySet, a relationship with fields, a structured application document, a form, a menu, or a result set. Where applicable, may be a role name.


COMPLETE, when used in a set specification, selects all records in the associated object regardless of whether they satisfy a modifying relationship. This function is related to the theoretical partial outer join operation.

Note: When using the WHERE clause with COMPLETE, if the conditions specified by the WHERE clause are not met, then no data is returned, even though the COMPLETE option has been specified.


list Employees (complete) WorkIn Departments

Lists all employees regardless of whether they work in a particular department. If some employees lack corresponding Departments values, then the Departments fields in the list of composite records are $Null.

find all Managers (complete) Manage Employees

Lists all managers regardless of whether they currently have a staff.


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