Compiles an application program.


COMPILE progdocname



The name of the application document that contains the application program to be compiled.


The COMPILE command reads the program compiles it, and stores the compiled version in a separate disk file. The source program is then marked as being compiled. Thereafter, the compiled version of the program is used when that program is called.

As the Compiler processes an application program, it reports any errors that it finds in the command statements. The syntactic and semantic checks performed during compilation are identical to those performed when the program is parsed using the PARSE command or when the source program is run interpretively.

If no fatal errors are detected, the Compiler completes the compilation. If a fatal error is detected, the compilation terminates.

The PARSE command should be used before compiling a program to ensure the program is syntactically correct.

The application program is identified as compiled even if errors are encountered during compilation.

The UNCOMPILE command can be used to mark a compile program as "not compiled". The SET RUNTIME OFF command forces the software to execute all application programs interpretively.


compile MyProg


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