Moves the current member pointer one or more members "down" in a result set.


DOWN [num] [setname]



The number of members farther "down" into setname that the current member pointer is to be moved. Num can be
an integer constant (15, 200);
a variable, form field, or parameter that evaluates to an integer;
the word ALL.
The default value for num is 1. If num is negative, DOWN num actually moves the current member pointer "up" in the set.


The name of the result set whose current member pointer you wish to move. If setname is omitted, the current set is used.


NEXT is a synonym for DOWN.


down 10

Moves the current member pointer 10 members "down" towards the end of the set.

down 5
delete 5

Moves the current member pointer five members "down" and then deletes five members (starting with the new current member).

find Customers -> CustSet
form open fCustomer
form set accelerator F1 F2 Escape
 change fCustomer from CustSet
 form display input
 if Event.EventName = "escape"
 else    % use $direction as a handy variable
  let $direction = {-1 where Event.EventName = "F1", 1}
 down $direction CustSet

Finds a set of customers and then displays the records in the set one at a time.


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