Encrypts the data in an EntitySet or relationship with fields.


ENCRYPT object



The name of an EntitySet or a relationship with fields. Can be a role name.


The ENCRYPT command makes stored data meaningless to anyone scanning a raw database file on disk, thereby protecting the data from unauthorized access. The encryption key is established when the New Database utility is executed.

If the data in the specified object has already been encrypted, reissuing the command raises an error.

The ENCRYPT and DECRYPT commands prevent users outside of an application session from reading sensitive data contained in disk files. All encryption and decryption in a particular database is based on a key established when you initiate a new database by executing the New Database ( ZIMINIT) administrative utility.

Encrypted EntitySets and relationships are accessed in exactly the same way as un-encrypted EntitySets or relationships. Internally, the software automatically decrypts data from an encrypted file as you work with that file. A slight performance penalty is paid for working with encrypted data.

An encrypted object can be returned to normal with a DECRYPT command.


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