Establishes a scrolling association between a form and a result set.


FORM SET SCROLL [ NOCLEAR] form FROM set [LET clause] \
  [EVALUATE clause]



Specifies that form is not to be immediately initialized with data from set.


The form through which records are to be scrolled. Form must be open in the current window; it can be a multi-instance form in a display object.


A result set whose records are to be scrolled through form.


The current member of set is placed in the first instance of form. Subsequent members of set are placed in subsequent instances of form (if any).

Although many scrolling relationships can exist at one time, one set cannot have a scrolling relationship with more than one form at a time.

The application user scrolls the form through the records in set by moving the focus to the form and pressing a SCROLL key. If the focus is not located in an active scrolling form, but active scrolling forms exist in the display, then pressing a SCROLL key causes all active scrolling forms to scroll over their associated sets.


To establish a scrolling relationship between the fEmps form and the result set EmpSet, enter

find all Employees where Location="New York" sorted by Name -> EmpSet
form open dEmps
form set scroll fEmps from EmpSet


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