Specifies the current field delimiter.





Any valid character. The space, forward slash, comma, and quotation mark are the most commonly used.
If character is not a letter or a digit, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.
If character is a special character such as space or backslash, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.
If character is a string longer than one character in length, only the first character in the string is used as the delimiter.


The default field DELIMITER is the space character.

The specified character is used as a delimiter by the INPUT command (input from the terminal), by the ADD and CHANGE commands (input from an unstructured application document), and by the LIST and OUTPUT commands (output to the terminal or an unstructured application document) in either normal or comma-delimited format.

If the space is specified as the delimiter, then tab is also acknowledged as a delimiter, and multiple spaces are considered to constitute a single delimiter.

In comma-delimited format, the space causes the comma to be used as the delimiter for both input and output.


set delimiter "/"

set delimiter '"'

set delimiter "'"

In the preceding examples, the slash, double quotation mark, and single quotation mark, respectively, are specified as the delimiter. (Only one delimiter character can take effect at one time.)


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