Turns the output of cross-reference information on or off during parsing and compiling.




The XREF option is set OFF by default.

When XREF is ON, the software sends dependency information to the current output when an application program is parsed or compiled. One line of output is generated for every object explicitly referenced by the program. The information is not saved (unlike the information produced when SET DEPENDENCY is ON).

The SET XREF command is not affected by the SET RESET and SET RESTORE commands.

Each line of output contains six sections of information, with fourteen fields in total:


A simple application program can contain the following two lines:

% This is a test program named ServBye
list fields format SN FieldName

In which case, the commands shown below produce the indicated output:

> set xref on
> set output terminal
> parse ServBye
P ServBye Document ZIM ZIM Directory ZIM Documents EntitySet ZIM ZIM Directory ZIM 1


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