Moves a window to a new location on the screen.


WINDOW MOVE [window] TO position [EXPOSE|HIDE]



Window can be
The name of an open window. The software looks up name in the currently accessed directories in the usual way. A compiled command using name contains the unambiguous name of the window (including a reference to an application directory) that was found at compile time.
(expr )
A character string, or an expression that evaluates to a character string, that is to be used at run time as a window object name. The parentheses must be entered.
A compiled command using (expr) can refer to many windows, at the risk of encountering an ambiguous window name (i.e., no directory specified when versions of the window are available in two or more directories).
If neither name nor (expr) is specified, the current window is assumed.


Position specifies the new location of the upper edge and left-hand edge of the window, and also changes the values for the system variables ThisWindow.WindowRow and ThisWindow.WindowCol.
A window's position is always relative to its physical parent. The physical parent of a clipped window is another window (parentwin). The physical parent of a pop-up window is the terminal.
If position is such that the window moves out of bounds, it is automatically adjusted so that the window remains entirely within the parent's boundaries.


(DEFAULT) Specifies that the window is to be displayed over any other active windows already on the screen.


Specifies that the window is to be displayed beneath any other active windows already on the screen.


The WINDOW MOVE command enables an application program to establish a new location for an open window.

If the specified window is active, it is displayed in its new position. If the window is open but not active, the WINDOW MOVE command establishes the position at which the window is to appear when activated.


To move the window wStateCodes to a specified location, enter the following command:

window move wStateCodes to ($cursorscreenrow + 10) 4


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