Downloading ZimQt for Android


If you have already downloaded the ZimQt for Android installer (zimqtc.apk), you can go directly to Installing ZimQt on Android.

You need to have a user account on Zim Website before you can download ZimQt for Android.

If you have not created your user account, follow the steps described in Creating a User Account on the Zim Website.

1.  Log in to Zim Website

2.  There are two different paths to reach the download link for the ZimQt for Android installer (steps a-b or step c)

    2a. On the main menu hover on Downloads, then tap on Zim Products


    2b. Next, tap to expand the ZimQt links and ZimQt for Android


    2c. Alternatively, you can also reach the download link by hovering on Products and taping on ZimQt for Android



3.  Tap on zimqtc.apk to begin downloading the installer


4.  If a confirmation dialog appears, tap Ok to continue the download. ZimQt is guaranteed not to contain malicious or harmful software.


5.  Verify that zimqtc.apk is downloaded  

✓You have finished downloading ZimQt for Android and you are now ready to install it