Enabling ZOM

ZOM is an integrated component for Object Management and is automatically enabled in DC. It is highly recommended that it remains enabled permanently to gain the benefits of analyzing and manipulating objects. If using ZOM at the command line, you must first enable ZOM before using any of the object management services during an Zim session. This is accomplished by invoking ZOMEnable as shown in the following example:


This procedure initializes ZOM for the session and searches your Object Dictionary for any objects that are unknown to ZOM. These objects are automatically "registered" in ZOM's object database. (Object registration is described later in this section.)

If you plan to make regular use of ZOM at the command line, it is recommended that you execute ZOMEnable in your start-up program (i.e., ZimPROF) while you are developing an application.

If, during a session, you want to turn ZOM off, invoke the ZOMDisable command as shown in the following example:


Note: ZOM is re-enabled when entering DC. ZOM cannot be disabled when DC is active.