Enclosing Existing Form Fields in a Frame

With the form almost complete, you notice that you forgot to enclose the customer identification fields in a frame.

  1. Add a frame, as you previously learned to do, and size it to enclose the customer identification fields.

Notice that the new frame hides the identification fields from view! The fields are hidden because they do not yet belong to the frame, and because the frame follows the fields in the Z-order (having been painted more recently).

You can resolve these problems by making the frame become the group parent of the customer identification fields.

  1. Choose the ARRANGE menu's SEND TO BACK menu item to place the frame behind the identification fields.
  2. Select the identification fields (the Salutation option box, the two labels and two entry fields). Use the left click to select the first identification field and the Shift-Click combination for subsequent identification fields.
  3. If You Don't Have A Mouse . . . To select the first identification field, position the pointer over the field using the direction keys and press F7. Then position the pointer over the next field (using the direction keys) and press the Shift key sequence (defined in ZIMTCAP) and then F7. Do the same for the remaining fields.
  4. Select GROUPING under the ARRANGE menu. For each field that has been selected, pick the Grouping dialog appears. For each selected field, pick the Customer Identification frame as the owner and select OK.