File Path Prefix Characters

Zim and the painter support four file path prefix characters that provide a shorthand notation for specifying file path names. These prefix characters also provide for application portability, as the file name for an image file can be specified as a relative path rather than an absolute path. Hence image files can be made independent of the directory structure into which an application is installed. The four prefix characters are as follows:


The double quotation mark is interpreted as the Database Path directory ($DBPath in Zim).


The closed parenthesis character is interpreted as the Work Path directory ($WorkPath in Zim).


The octothorpe character is interpreted as the Zim Path directory ($ZimPath in Zim).


The carat character is interpreted as the Image Path directory ($ImagePath in Zim).


By default, Zim and the painter assume that all image files are located in the Image Path directory, and prefixes the initial file names "*.BMP", "*.ICO" and "*.WMF" by the carat character (^). When the Windows File/Select common dialog is displayed in order to select an image file, Zim and the painter interpret the prefix character and make the current directory in that dialog the directory that corresponds to the prefix character. When a file is selected from this dialog, Zim and the painter interrogate the file's directory path, and if it corresponds to the contents of $ImagePath, $ZimPath, $DBPath, or $WorkPath, replace the directory path by the appropriate prefix character.