Returns the average value of a set of values, excluding $Null values.




expression any expression

Return Value

Number, with the number of decimal places implied by expression.


The function calculates the average of a set of values, excluding $Null values.

Expression is often a WHERE expression that includes only selected values in the averaging operation. If the WHERE expression (expr1 WHERE expr2) is true, the expr1 value is included in the averaging operation; otherwise, expression is considered $Null and is not included in the averaging operation.


compute Employees where DeptName="Sales" \
  evaluate (let AvgAge = $average($year($date)-$year(BirthDate)))
      (let AvgSal = $average(Salary where Sex = "F"))

Finds the average age of all employees, and the average salary of all female employees, in the sales department.

report footing \
  $average(Salary) \
  ($total(Salary*Salary) / $count(Salary) - $average(Salary) * $average(Salary))

Reports average salary and salary variance.


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