Installing Zim 8.50 and ZimQt

This document outlines the steps to download and install Zim 8.50 on your desktop computer and ZimQt on all supported devices.

1. Create a User Account on the Zim Website

Zim 8.50 and ZimQt are only distributed as downloads on the Zim website.

Registering a user account on the website is the easiest and most convenient way to have access to most downloads.

A registered account on the Zim website gives you access to:

A fully-functional evaluation copy of Zim 8.50 (for either Windows or Unix) valid for 30 days.

License-free Zim 8.50 components: Zim IDE, Zim JDBD/ODBC drivers, Zim Thin Client and ZimQt.

The Zim Developer Forum, where you will be able to post comments and questions and interact with our development team and other Zim users.


For more information, see Creating a User Account on the Zim Website.

2. Pre-Installation Steps

Before installing Zim 8.50 and ZimQt, ensure that your computer or mobile device is properly configured:

Pre-Installation steps for Windows

Pre-Installation steps for Unix

Pre-Installation steps for ZimQt on Linux

2. Download Zim 8.50

Download Zim 8.50 installation packages (including ZimQt) for Windows or Unix.

Install Zim 8.50

Install Zim 8.50 (including ZimQt) for Windows or Unix.

Download ZimQt

Download ZimQt for Android

Install Zim Qt

Install ZimQt for Android