Creating a User Account on the Zim Website

Zim 8.50 and ZimQt are only distributed as downloads on the Zim website.

Registering a user account on the website is the easiest and most convenient way to have access to most downloads.

A registered account on the Zim website gives you access to:

A fully-functional evaluation copy of Zim 8.50 (for either Windows or Unix) valid for 30 days.

License-free Zim 8.50 components: Zim IDE, Zim JDBD/ODBC drivers, Zim Thin Client and ZimQt.

The Zim Developer Forum, where you will be able to post comments and questions and interact with our development team and other Zim users.

Registration Steps

1. You can go directly to the User Registration Page to start creating a new account

2. Choose your User Name, provide your E-mail address and Company, answer the Anti-Spam question and click or tap on Create new account to continue


3. You will receive an e-mail message like the one below. Click or tap on the provided link to validate you new account on the website



4. You should see a screen informing you that your e-mail address has been validated. Next, log in on the website by clicking or tapping on the Log in button


5. If you wish to change your E-mail address, you may do so now
Next, enter you Password, select your Time zone and confirm you Company. Then, click or tap on Save to continue

Your account has been created and validated! You may now download and install Zim 8.50 and ZimQt and use the Zim Developer Forum