Changes the runtime file name of a connector document


SET CONNECTOR DOCUMENT «connector document» TO «filename»


connector document

The name of the connector document.


The file name to which the connector document will be referencing.


The SET CONNECTOR DOCUMENT changes the run-time value for the filename field on a connector document.  The new filename is used for all subsequent opens on the document. The filename of a connector document describes the type of the connection and the host and port where the connector resides. There are two connection types ’S’ which is used for connectors that are used for simple command-response operations or are shared single-threaded processes and ’F’ for connectors that provide a data feed and are either multi-threaded or used exclusively by a single ZIM instance.

A ’S’ type connection is automatically closed after the command completes and the connector issues a PROMPT. The ’F’ type connection never closes.


To set the filename for the connector document SMS_SEND to be a command-response connection where the connector is running on the host ’’ at TCP port 9000:

set connector document SMS_SEND to ”S!!9000”

To set the filename on the connector SMS_RECEIVE to be a data feed where the connector is running on the host ’’ at TCP port 9001:

set connector document SMS_RECEIVE to ’F!!9001’

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