ZIMINIT (New Database on UNIX)
ZIMINITW (New Database on Windows)

Initializes a database.


ZIMINIT [OS_location [encrypt_key]]

ZIMINITW [OS_location [encrypt_key]]


OS_location The disk directory where the new Object Dictionary is to be initialized. If omitted, the software prompts for this information.
encrypt_key A key that the software uses later to encrypt the disk files created as objects are created in the Object Dictionary. If omitted, the software prompts for this information.
If you fail to specify any encryption key, even after being prompted, ZIMINIT provides a default key.


If an Object Dictionary already exists in the specified location, ZIMINIT asks you to confirm that you want to overwrite the existing database.

On Windows, use the utility ZIMINITW to initialize a Zim database. If either OS_location or encrypt_key are not provided, the user will be prompted with the following screen:


The user can choose the directory where the Zim database will be created, an optional description of the database, the encryption key and the following additional information:

. Character Set: Windows (ANSI) or DOS (OEM). For Windows, it should always be chosen the ANSI character set, unless the Zim database has been migrated from DOS;

. Shortcut: ZIMINITW can optionally create a shortcut for this database in the start menu.


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