Sets properties of selected objects.


ZOMSet <object specification> [<option>...]


;k <keyword> [!]

Assigns a keyword to the selected object(s). If the keyword is already assigned, this assignment is ignored. If "!" is specified, the keyword assignment is removed for the selected object(s).

;p <property> [!]

Set the specified user-designated property for the selected object(s). If "!" is indicated, the specified property is reset for the selected object(s).


This service has no special function of its own. ZOMSet selects the specified objects and sets any properties according to the given processing options. ZOMSet is convenient for setting object properties without doing any further processing on those objects.


The following command sets the object "Customers" to be locked.

ZOMSet Customers ;p l

The following command sets all objects that are compiled to be compilable.

ZOMSet +p ca ;p c

The following command sets the DataSave property for all objects that have the Data property set.

ZOMSet +p da ;p ds

The following example deletes the keyword "Sales_System" from all objects keyworded by the keyword "Sales_System."

ZOMSet +k Sales_System ;k Sales_System!