Creating New Objects

Creating User Interface Objects

User interface objects are created using the New Object dialog. There are two ways to open this dialogue:

from the Main Menu;

from the Menu Tool Bar;

from the Database Tab Page;

From the Main Menu


    1. 1. Select File then click on New.
    2. 2. The New Object dialog will appear.



From the Menu Tool Bar


  1. Click on the New icon in the Menu Tool Bar:
  2. The New Object dialog will pop up.



From the Database Tab Page

Right-click on the type of object to be created and click on New:

This operation is supported for the following objects: Displays, Menus, Forms, and Windows



The New Object dialog will pop up.

The New Object Dialog



a.  If you are connected to multiple databases, make sure you select the correct database to which you want to add this new Zim object.



b.  Select a radio button for the type of object that you wish to create.


c.  On the right side panel name the object you are creating, and select/define the dimensions if applicable.


d.  Click on the "OK" button to create the object.

Creating Database Objects


From the "Database" tab, navigate to the type  of object you wish to create, right click on the object, and select "New" from the right click menu.



The default attributes of the newly-created database object will appear in the GUI Designer page tab ins, since such objects have no visual attributes.

If necessary, Modify the default attributes of the Database object created