Zim IDE Features

General Features

Local and remote application development;

Multiuser application development;

Design and edit forms and displays in both GUI and TUI applications;

Design and edit graphical report templates (under development);

Supports all Zim 7.12 and Zim 8.50 platforms (Windows, Linux, etc.);

Connect to multiple databases simultaneously;

Browse the entire data dictionary through the Tree View Tab Page.

Graphical User Interface Designer

New user interface objects for Zim 8.50:

Grid Control

Tab Control and Tab Page, managed automatically by the client (does not require extra Zim code)

Tool Strip

New attributes for form fields:



The Attributes Tab Page can be configured to be always visible;

Create and edit multiple objects simultaneously;

Modern tabbed development interface:

Each Form, Display, Window, Menu, and Document stays open in its own tab page.

Document Editor

Designed as an embedded specialized editor for Zim application programs and other documents;

Syntax highlighting customized for the Zim language;

Region expanding and contracting;

Database Viewer Tab Page

Simultaneously browse every database currently connected to the development environment in a single tab page.