General purpose application tracing.


pFrameworkTrace ( inout vlStatus,
                  in vlOperation,
                  in vlText )



The returned status from pFrameworkTrace.


A string whose value is either "LOGTEXT" or "EXECUTETEXT".


A string whose value is to be added to the trace output or a command to be executed.


Tracing output can be directed to the stderr document, terminal, or the TraceLog document. See pSystemSettings for more information on how to set the destination for tracing. The "LOGTEXT" option is used to append a string (contained in vlText) to the trace output. The "EXECUTETEXT" option causes the command contained in vlText to be executed. Any output is directed to the trace output document.

The pFrameworkTrace option is an easy way to insert tracing into an application. The pFrameworkTrace command ensures that all trace output is sent to the correct location, no matter what the application has done with commands such as SET OUTPUT or SET TRACEOUTPUT.