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Zim Object Manager (ZOM) Guide
    About ZOM
    ZOM Requirements
    Enabling ZOM
    Using ZOM - the First Time
    ZOM Concepts
    Invoking a ZOM Service
    Selecting Objects for Processing
    Processing Options
    Keywording Objects
    Locking Object Definitions
    Object Dependencies
    Object Maintenance
    Preserving Data When Objects Change
    Exporting and Importing Objects with ZOM
    Team Development Projects and ZOM
    ZOM Graphical Interfaces
    Configuring ZOM
       About Configuring ZOM
       Display Mode
       Error Logging
       Dependency Tracing
       Default Zim Directory
       Conventions On
       Explode Level
       New Keyword
       Changed Keyword
       Environment Code
       Express Mode
       Process Sort Order
       Log Object Modifications
    ZOM Commands
    Diagnosing Application Problems with ZOM
    Advanced Topics
Zim Server Connectivity
JDBC Connectivity to SQL Database Servers
ODBC Driver Connectivity
File Management and Distribution
Performance Tuning
Database Backup and Restoration
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