Zim 9.00 - Build 294

Current Build 294 contains the following implementations:

  • ZimIDE saving the correct path for images.

Previous Build 290 contained the following implementations:

  • Implement the function $LANGCONVERT to convert a string to any languages;
  • Combo boxes accepting blank values and any default values not on the list of values;
  • Correct the length of a $TOCHAR function.

Previous Build 284 contained the following implementations:

  • Syntax correction for the WINDOW OPEN command;
  • Adjustment for the tab order after a WINDOW SET (TABORDER...) command;
  • Improvement to $TOCHAR to recognize Latin and Unicode strings at the same time;
  • Improvement to LIST statement to recognize Unicode in unstructured documents.

Previous Build 274 contained the following implementations:

  • Tool Bar menu causing erros when closing a window;
  • Refined an issue when exporting and importing data with new lines characters;
  • Fixed the crash when Named Sets are used without accessing the proper Zim directories;
  • Make ZimQTC responsive to Alt Keys;
  • Fixed an issue when importing documents into Zim;
  • Fixed a crash when documents are created with a blank FileName;
  • Fixed the TABORDER BY TABINDEX not following the tab stops;
  • Removed non-existent drop styles in ZimIDE;
  • Fixed ComboBox not working with Auto Clear;
  • Fixed the cursor not being displayed in ComboBoxes;
  • Prevented ComboBoxes from typing a value when the Value Must Match List option is used;
  • Fixed the height of Forms and Displays when using a Status Bar on a Window;
  • Fixed FORM SET (REQUIRED) not working properly;
  • Fixed FORM SET (RESET) not reverting to its "unavailable" state;
  • Implemented the Double and Right Click in List Boxes;

Previous Build 231 contained the following implementations:

  • Fixed $concat with accented characters;
  • Fixed check boxes not changing states;
  • Fixed check boxes generating two events;
  • Fixed the $reservedword function not working correctly;
  • Adjusted accented characters in ADD and LET statements;
  • Made guarded fields to accept some events;
  • Corrected SQL syntax for misplaced quotes;
  • Fixed the move of a form already positioned on top of another form;
  • Corrected the display of inherited fonts in ZImIDE;
  • Made font properties unavailable for inherited fonts;
  • Cleaned the dirty switch after ZimIDE saves an object;
  • Fixed ZimIDE for raising errors in fields with default values;
  • Corrected the quotes in certain form fields causing errors in save;
  • Fixed ZimIDE when updating a window;
  • Inhibited list boxes from generating a selection when there is no selection;
  • Presented the form name for newly created objects in ZimIDE;
  • Corrected a crash in ZimQTC after selecting an image behind another form;
  • Corrected the DISPLAY DEFINE syntax;
  • Corrected the display of an underline in buttons.


Zim 9.00 for Windows - Download the Full Installation Package

  • ZimPDP for Windows 
  • ZimServer for Windows 
  • ZimIDE for Windows 
  • ZimQTC Client for Windows 

Trial License Details

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Licensed to: "ZIM 900 Evaluation"
Serial Number: 67887
Operating System: Windows
Activation key (1 user: Zim Development): MP9X-U8FF-XMXT-URH4
Activation key (2 connections: Zim Runtime; needed for ZimIDE and ZimQt Client): 7RR2-U2XA-749M-FTMM

Both keys expire on October, 27, 2019.

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Zim 9.00 for Windows - Download the Client Only Installation Package

  • ZimQTC Client for Windows 

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