Migration from Zim to SQL servers using Torch Tools

Torch Migration Suite (TMS) is a unique Windows-based tool coupled to a step-by-step methodology dedicated to migrate Zim databases to other full-fledged SQL relational database while keeping the Zim application in its entirety. TMS is a powerful conversion facility that assures quality, consistency, and accuracy of results. TMS uses a modern and easy-to-use graphical user interface making the migration process consistent and simple.

TMS is a total solution. It integrates the entire process from the data dictionary analysis and modification to the cleansing and loading of data in the new SQL database.

The TMS automated solution provides detailed impact analysis reports for your Zim Database environment enabling you to more effectively move forward in IT modernization. You will be able to share your data with other world class applications and tools such as report generators, business intelligence tools and much more.

Torch opens the world of applications to your company

No more restrictions to access third party applications or to be accessed from other applications and languages. Your original Zim applications still run as always but with the added flexibility of selecting alternate databases.

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