ZIM Launches TV Platform for the Internet and Mobile Phones

Tue, 2006-11-14 00:00 -- zim-admin

Ottawa, Canada - November 14, 2006 - ZIM Corporation (OTCBB: ZIMCF), a mobile entertainment and Internet TV service provider, today announced it has launched ZIMTV and ZIMTV.mobi, an English based peer-to-peer ("P2P") Internet TV platform for personal computers and mobile phones. ZIMTV is an expansion of ZIM’s overall Internet TV strategy which also includes a partnership with PPLive.com, the world’s largest P2P Internet TV provider with over fifty million users. 

ZIMTV provides a complete Internet TV (or "IPTV") broadcasting platform for content owners to distribute their content to millions of potential online viewers worldwide. ZIMTV will offer the following features to content providers:

  • A consumer friendly Internet TV platform which currently has free channels containing sports, movies, television, news, animation and educational video content.
  • Plans for pay per view channels for premium content.
  • An online video advertising model which allows advertisers to purchase "clickable" ads in between video programming.
  • Revenue share on all TV ads that are sold during programming.
  • The opportunity for content providers to own a branded TV channel on www.zimtv.biz /www.zimtv.mobi or on an external site.
  • English language content with plans to include international language content in the future.

ZIMTV.mobi will further expand ZIMTV by allowing the distribution of the content to millions of mobile phones and PDAs worldwide. .mobi is a top-level domain and is rrestricted to mobile devices and sites providing services for them on the mobile web. It is sponsored by a consortium of companies including Google, Microsoft, Vodafone, Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia. The domain was added to the global internet root in November 2005. 

"We are excited at the opportunity to provide broadcasters worldwide with a platform to distribute their video content on the Internet and on mobile phones. ZIMTV offers content providers an attractive opportunity to create new revenues and new customers," said Dr. Michael Cowpland, President and CEO of ZIM. " 

ZIMTV plans to be a leader in Internet TV. Based on peer-to-peer technology, ZIMTV will appeal to content providers as it is committed to protecting intellectual property. ZIMTV has an embedded digital rights management ("DRM") software that offers a secure solution for content providers as it limits the ability for end users to distribute, sell or pirate illegal copies of the content. Users of ZIMTV do not download video files on to their computer; rather the videos are streamed to their computers through the P2P infrastructure. 

Unlike other Internet streaming platforms which charge large set up fees, monthly hosting fees and additional fees per gigabyte of bandwidth, ZIMTV offers unlimited bandwidth for a flat rate. ZIMTV was designed to provide end users with a smooth TV viewing experience with no interruptions. With P2P technology, the more users that are online, the faster the programs will load. ZIMTV scales well across existing infrastructure to enable hit programs to have a large viewer base with estimated bandwidth costs under $1/hour. It is estimated that other TV streaming bandwidth costs could be as high as $100,000 per hour to host an audience of one million viewers. 

"We believe P2P technology to be a major breakthrough enabling global channels to be funded by advertising similar to traditional broadcast TV. There has been a huge surge in the demand for video and TV content on the Internet recently on sites such as MySpace.com and YouTube.com. Unlike these and other Internet streaming platforms, ZIMTV is based on P2P technology and offers an “always on” functionality to simulate the feeling of viewing traditional TV", adds Cowpland.

About ZIM

ZIM is a mobile entertainment and Internet TV service provider. Through its global infrastructure, ZIM provides publishing and licensing services for market-leading mobile content and for peer to peer (P2P) Internet TV broadcasting. For more information on ZIM and its customers, partners and products, visit: www.zim.biz. 

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