Bug Fixes and Improvements - ZIM 7.11


  • 64 bit portability and prototype work. Numerous 64 bit compatibility changes
  • Fix for transparent bitmap buttons
  • Fix for user icons not being drawn transparently.
  • Implementing RAW data
  • Implementing errors for RAW data
  • Raising an error when committing a deadlocked transaction.
  • Increase the number of messages in the message queue.
  • Replacing some codes from ZIMTCAP as they conflict with accentuated characters (UNIX only).
  • Enhancing error messages for the SAMs;

Release Notes: Zim 8.20 for Windows, Build 1633 (2010, July)

Bug fixes and minor changes (ZimServer, Zim Thin Client, Active-X, Zim DC and ODBC Driver):

Zim Server:

  • ZimBackup does not work properly.

Zim Thin Client:

  • Unable to scroll down in a dynamic list box using the up and down arrows on the keyboard.
  • Text within a frame/option box is not displaying the bold attribute.
  • Dynamic list box is incorrect size, left border is missing.
  • Wrong member is being selected in dynamic list box.
  • "Menu set" command is affecting formfields.


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