Zim 8.50

Powerful Applications, Simple Solutions

ZIM 8.50 is the newest product from ZIM Corporation. Using our proven Entity-Relationship Architecture and "English-like" 4GL, ZIM 8.50 includes new technology offering improved performance and functionality that will take your complex database applications to a new level. We are sure you'll be amazed at what Zim 8.50 can do for you.

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ZimIDE - A component of Zim 8.50

ZimIDE 8.50, a component of Zim 8.50, is a Windows-based design studio that provides a user-friendly interface for quick and efficient development and enhancement of Zim applications.

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Migration/Connectivity Tools

Torch Migration Suite and Fuzion are powerful tools to migrate a Zim database to other third-party databases.

Torch Migration Suite is a unique Windows-based tool coupled with a step-by-step methodology dedicated to migrate Zim databases to an alternate full-fledged SQL relational database while keeping the Zim application in its entirety.

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Fuzion is a tool specially designed to simplify and accelerate the management of a client server environment formed by a Zim application layer connected to one or more SQL database servers.

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