Zim 8.50 IDE

Zim 8.50 IDE is a Microsoft Windows based design studio that provides a user-friendly interface for quick and efficient development and enhancement of Zim applications.

Object management, user interface design, and a programmer’s editor, have been integrated into a seamless, modern, easy to use development interface.

General IDE features:

  • Connect to multiple Zim databases
  • Work on multiple objects simultaneously through tabbed interface
  • Modern development interface

Object management:

  • Quickly navigate between different Zim object types
  • Browse entire data dictionary through Tree View panel

User Interface Design:

  • Paint graphical (GUI) or text (TUI) interfaces
  • Develop  for Windows and Unix environments
  • Add modern windows user interface objects to enhance Zim forms (Zim 8.x only)

Programmer’s Editor

  • Text highlighting customized for the Zim language
  • Region collapsing

This product is available on our Download page using the Zim 8.50 Installer.