Zim Investments

NuvoBioNuvoBio Corporation

NuvoBio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zim Corporation focused on developing intellectual property and advancing research and development in the areas of new synthetic drugs and Immunotherapies.

Through strategic partnerships and global exclusive licensing agreements with leading drug research institutes and companies, NuvoBio is currently funding research & development projects in key areas including:

  • Implementing unique molecular interaction & analytics using supercomputing technologies to design small peptide drugs that bind to target proteins for cancer therapies and;
  • The development of new and exciting Bi-Specific Immunology therapies for the treatment of kidney cancer

HealthConnexConnecting People for Health

Connecting People for Health (CP4H) is owned by the co-operative and credit union sector of Nova Scotia. CP4H operates two subsidiaries:

HealthConnex is a web based service portal that provides doctors with more time to concentrate on patient health and wellness. Families and individuals can easily and more affordably gain greater access to health and wellness services, and have greater control of their own health care. www.healthconnex.ca

Benneworth Advanced Systems is a technology company delivering an advanced, user friendly, Medical Office Management (MOM) software application designed to help doctors and their staff with the important and complex tasks of patient record keeping and billing. Developed using Zim’s powerful 4GL language and database solution, the MOM solution is used by more than 60% of doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals in Nova Scotia and provides these facilities with a powerful tool to manage all facets of billing and patient record keeping. www.mommedical.com


EquispheresEquispheres develops, manufactures and markets a unique product line of ultra-high-performance spherical metal powders engineered for Additive Manufacturing (commonly referred to as ‘AM’ or ‘3D Printing’) and Metal Spray Coatings (in particular, ‘Thermal Spray’ and ‘Cold Spray’) applications, with a primary focus on the aerospace industry.

Equispheres’ patent-pending atomization technology produces free-flowing, uniform, monograin, agglomerate-free spherical metal powders, which bring superior control and performance efficiencies not currently available. The Company’s innovative, proprietary technology holds the potential to advance spherical metal powders to the next level of industrial and commercial development. www.equispheres.com


HostedBizz Inc.

HostedBizz is a Cloud Service Provider for the IT Reseller channels and business. The company’s Enterprise Grade Cloud Infrastructure and suite of hosted applications are built around brand-able solutions that support the reseller and managed service provider channel. HostedBizz provides public and private cloud infrastructure as well as hosted applications and services including cloud servers, virtual desktops, data backup and disaster recovery solutions, Microsoft business applications including Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business and Microsoft Dynamics.  www.hostedbizz.com